“Medicine is in crisis because we have a sick-care system and not a health-care system.” —Unknown 


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We all know that we should eat better, exercise more and keep our mind in balance.  The problem is we don’t know how.

Lifestyle Health Consulting provides you with the support and direction to powerfully impact your life. Take advantage of the ancient, life sustaining principles such books as The China Study and The Mediterranean Diet have revealed.  Feel empowered to face challenges head on, take bigger actions and secure more wins. As a client, your program is personalized with specific activities to help you reach your goal. You will develop focused targets, create a plan of action and follow through. The rewards of your achievement extend to all areas of your life.


As a client of my Lifestyle Health Program you will…

  • Set goals that expand your horizons
  • Feel energized and refreshed
  • Discover living foods and how they revitalize the body
  • Build proactive, lifelong choice and action skills
  • Radically improve your health and happiness
  • Develop the audacity to reach beyond the ordinary
  • Experience deep coaching conversations – springboard for the life you desire


Your 3-month Health & Wellness Coaching program includes…

  • Weekly 1-on-1 sessions tailored to your precise specifications
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Coaching and skills training
  • Books and related resources to help you make effective changes
  • Email support between sessions
  • Shop · Cook · Eat Pantry to Table Interventions
  • Custom programs as needed
  • My personal commitment to your success

If you are an individual with a track record of accomplishment but who is, at this moment, facing a health/life challenge, I invite you to open a conversation with me. Let’s explore how I can best support you in reaching your goal.

*For those requiring the ultimate in personal attention and elite health management, Dr. Douglas is able to provide her services through the Chancellor Health Trust.