New VIP/Concierge Service Takes the Hassle Out of Medical Care

Does it seem that having any medical service these days requires an entire day of waiting and hassles?

It can take 10 minutes on hold to get through to the receptionist in the doctor’s office to make an appointment.  When you arrive, you are directed to sit in a waiting room where you uncomfortably try to pass the time, waiting 45 minutes to an hour (or more), followed by another 20 – 30 minute wait in the exam room.  All this to spend 7 minutes with the doctor.   You leave with more questions than answers and the determination never to do this again unless you’re dying.

What if someone you knew and trusted could book your medical appointments for you, arrange transportation, have your medical paperwork completed and forwarded to the office ahead of time, so you could simply walk in and be seen?  What if there were doctors who respected your schedule and took the time to answer your questions?  What if doctors still made housecalls so you didn’t have to drag a sick child and two siblings to the crowded urgent care center to be seen?

Enter the Medical Concierge. Medical Concierge service is the newest offering for those with little time on their hands and who prefer the privacy of their own home or office.  Medical concierges have re-invented healthcare access, bringing you on-demand care with the superlative service and attention to detail you have come to expect from your preferred providers.   Pick up the phone and have your prescriptions delivered, a therapist drop by to work on that tennis elbow, a caregiver to assist Mom with her bedtime routine and stay through the night or accompany her to a doctor’s appointment and fill you in on the discussion.  Wake up to a familiar face after surgery and relax knowing that all the details of your recovery and care have been addressed.

Surgery recovery care at home.

For international travelers, navigating a foreign medical system can be daunting.  A medical concierge works with your U.S. based clinical provider to ensure you receive the required follow up care and can pamper you with private chef services (special diets included), physical therapy and one-on-one personal attention for a speedy recovery.  Need a home for your medical stay? They are at your service.  Medical concierges can even coordinate outings and hosted excursions for accompanying family through our partner network.   For the ultimate in bespoke service,  individuals may select a membership plan and enjoy 24/7 healthcare services (on–demand, on-site care) and exclusive access to preferred providers.

So, whatever your medical conundrum, a medical concierge can help.

And you don’t have to be wealthy to have a taste of the pampered life.  Services are billed by the hour with convenient package pricing for the most common requests. For more involved projects,  Care Managers can create a proposal that reflects your nuanced requirements.

Contact Dr. Douglas to learn more about Medical Concierge/Medical Management services available in the Palm Beaches.