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Like you, I want what’s best for my family.  Each day we have so many decisions to make that affect our health for better or worse.  Which toothpaste should I use?  Will my deodorant cause cancer?  How can I get an energy boost without caffeine?

I started searching for natural health solutions in my early twenties when doctors told me there weren’t many options for the debilitating condition I was experiencing. I also learned then how little research was available on natural therapies. Later, as a cancer research scientist at Johns Hopkins University, much of my work focused on finding cancer in its earliest stages. But when a family member was diagnosed with cancer, I realized how far we still have to go with cancer treatment. In this crisis, I decided to dedicate myself to finding successful cancer treatments that don’t produce the toxic side effects of standard drugs.

Through this research my book ‘Hope on the Horizon’ was born. I learned that it is possible to prevent and treat cancer with appropriate surgery and botanical medicine… the best of both worlds. In the process, my research led to many other amazing discoveries in healthy aging, hypertension relief, weight loss and more. It is the foundation of the Morphology by Dr. Donna Douglas skin care line and science based nutritional products.

I want you to experience the transformation that is waiting for you. Join me as we discover health and beauty as nature intended.

All my best,

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