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Dr. Donna Douglas is health scientist, author and lifestyle medicine consultant. Through her private practice she has been helping individuals create healthier, happier lives for over 15 years.  She takes a holistic approach to wellness, emphasizing fresh, organic plant-based food and simple, yet powerful lifestyle changes.


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Professional Bio

Dr. Douglas earned her PhD in Biochemistry with an emphasis in immunology. She then continued her professional career as a research scientist at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine developing methods for early detection of cancers.

Dr. Douglas’ work has been cited in such international journals as the Journal of Clinical Investigation, Journal of Nutrition and the American Journal of Pathology.  She has gone beyond traditional academic training to develop breadth of knowledge in Nutrition, Physiology, Botanical Pharmacology and Behavioral Science.  She draws from diverse disciplines to help you feel, function and look better.

Over the past several years Dr. Douglas has acted as professor, advisor and/or director for a portfolio of entrepreneurial health care and bio-technology organizations.  She has demonstrated experience in delivering global health management services and providing an exceptional patient experience to high net worth clients through her work as president and CEO of The Chancellor Health Trust.


Why Lifestyle Medicine?

I became a true believer in the power of nature to heal after experiencing the remarkable recovery of a loved one from a terminal condition.  Inspired by this life changing event, I re-directed my efforts to building on this knowledge and bringing it to those who are seeking answers.

I left pharmaceutical development and spent the next ten years researching and developing non-toxic approaches for many health conditions.  The data is undeniable. Many illnesses we face can be reversed by simply changing what we eat and what we do. Sadly, our healthcare system does not have a mechanism in place to teach individuals how to make the changes that will save their lives. This is where health coaching fills a need.

As a coaching client, you come to understand your body, its needs and signals. You will experience greater clarity and vitality than ever before. In this honest, supportive environment, you will develop the confidence to step out of your comfort zone and realize a level of success you only dreamed possible. So, if you are serious about experiencing the future of medicine now, I invite you to open a conversation with me.

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